CurIouS LottIe'S
Fancy Crafts
You may say that I'm a dreamer....
Some people call me a tinkerer.  Others just call me crazy.  
What I am, truly, is someone who imagines a thing to be and then tries to resolve how to make it real.  I have failures just like everyone else, but most of the time, I've found that if you just try something it'll work out in the end.  
I have a Bachelor's degree in Construction Mangement from Colorado State University and a Master's in Architecture from the University of Kansas.  I worked for several years in the construction field and in architecture before leaving the industry.  Now I am a stay-at-home mom dreaming up silly ideas with two small girls in my sweet little corner of Niwot, Colorado.  
I am a hobbyist, a skill collector &, yes, a tinkerer.  I spend my time dabbling in:
  • sewing
  • gardening
  • photography
  • knit & crochet
  • needle felting
  • home renovation
  • junk organizing
  • furniture restoration
  • jewelry making
  • airstream monkey-wrenching
  • magic making
  • whatever you can imagine.....